Success Stories of Our Members

People Who’ve Found Their True Love on One Long Term Relationship

1 George and Emily have decided to take their relationship to the next level.

When Emily registered at One Long Term Relationship, she didn’t exactly have love on mind. She says, "My dating life had never been as great as I expected it to be. I just couldn’t meet any guy that I got along well with. When I came across One Long Term Relationship, I signed up on it but I wasn’t expecting the life-changing moments that would come next! One Long Term Relationship matched me with George. We began dating soon after we met online and now we are engaged to be married soon."

2 Julia and Nathan are happily dating each other and enjoying every moment of it.

Here’s what Nathan has shared about his special relationship with Julia. "I remember our first conversation on One Long Term Relationship. It was over the fact that both of us loved to cook and try out eating different foods. Soon our conversations turned deeper and we were talking about our childhoods, family, friends, jobs, etc. We finally decided to go out on a lunch date and we just haven’t looked back since. It’s like every day we are understanding each other better, strengthening our bond, and falling in love more and more."

3 Love happened quickly for Michael and Ella and now they are giving us all relationship goals!

Michael and Ella are excited to share their wonderful love story with us. "We think we were destined to meet each other. From hobbies to ambitions, we found that we were alike in so many ways. As we got to know each other more, we realized that there were other aspects where we differed, yet complemented each other perfectly. Since our first online encounter at One Long Term Relationship, our relationship has grown so beautifully. We have gone on trips, tried so many adventures together, and have even met each other’s family! It’s all going so well and we couldn’t be happier."

4 A grand wedding is on the cards for Harper and Finn

Harper is busy planning for the wedding that she has been dreaming about since she was a kid. She expresses her feelings, "I never thought online dating would turn out to be so good for me. LOL! I met this awesome guy, Finn, on One Long Term Relationship dating app. From the start I knew we were meant to end up together. Still we took it one step at a time, allowing our relationship to evolve naturally. Finn proposed me some time back and I said yes! And now I’m in the process of planning the wedding I’ve always wanted."

5 Leah and Chris have found immense love and support in each other

Chris says, "I was single for a long time before I finally decided one day to register on One Long Term Relationship website. A good friend suggested the platform to me, and I thought why not give it a try. I wasn’t looking for anything casual, I was hoping for a serious and meaningful relationship to come my way. I can’t say in words how happy I was when I met Leah on One Long Term Relationship. Here was the person who was everything I envisioned my partner to be, loving, supportive, kind, thoughtful and loyal."