Stay In Touch by Calling or Messaging

Call or Message to Let Someone Know You are Safe.

We have already talked about the significance of keeping a near and dear one in the loop about your date plans with an online friend. But that’s not all that you should be doing. You should also take care to maintain contact with them as the date is going on. No, we are not asking you to stay on phone with them for the better part of your date. A quick call or message is enough to let them be assured of your well-being.

The conversations that happen on a date can get quite engaging. But even as you lose yourself in the conversation, you should remember to stay in touch with the person that you’ve already informed about the date. As someone who would be concerned about your safety, they would surely want to be assured that everything’s going well for you and that you are not in any kind of trouble. So it’s a good idea to take some time during your date to either call the person or simply message them giving an update of what’s going on.

Remember to charge your phone fully before leaving for the date so that you can call and message as you need as well as receive any calls/messages.